Adopting a child can be a wonderful time, but it does come with its own unique set of stresses on the soon-to-be parents. One of the major choices you'll be faced with during this process is choosing whether you want to have an open adoption or a closed adoption. In an open adoption, there is usually ongoing contact between the adoptive parents and the biological parents, and the adopted child maintains a relationship with both. However, some people shy away from this type of adoption because of some common misconceptions. Here are 3 myths about open adoption you may have heard, and the truth behind them.

Your Child Will Love Their Biological Parents More

Some adoptive parents fear that allowing a child to maintain a relationship with their biological parents will lead to the child loving their biological parents more. However, that is hardly ever true. If you are the one providing a safe, stable, loving home for your child, they will reciprocate that love and affection to you. And because most biological parents in open adoptions only visit the children a couple times a year, the relationship tends to be much more distant than it is between the child and their adoptive parents.

The Biological Parents' Rights Override Yours

While laws differ between states, in most cases, a biological parent's rights don't cancel out your rights as an adoptive parent. The natural parents cannot visit the child or perform any action that goes against the legal agreement signed at the time of adoption. If they try to override your rights as a parent, you can seek legal recourse with Stephenville lawyers.

Open Adoption Confuses the Child

Some adoptive parents worry that an open adoption confuses a child, making it unclear who their parents actually are. But when there is open communication and a loving relationship on all sides, the child can clearly differentiate between their adoptive and biological parents. And because they are privy to the story of their adoption, the relationships are easy for them to understand.

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