Your divorce lawyer is on your side. After all, that's why you hired them to represent you. They will keep secret anything you tell them in confidence. But divorce lawyers are people, too, and sometimes they may hide the truth from you.

You Are Needy

Your lawyer would never tell you that you're needy, but if you call the office every day, then you're contacting your lawyer too often. Your lawyer doesn't particularly mind talking to you, but they have to pay their bills. Consequently, they charge by the hour. So the more often you call, the higher your monthly bill will be. Your lawyer will get in touch with you if anything happens in your case. And even if you're waiting for the mills of justice to grind, you should receive regular updates. However, daily phone calls are just a little too much.

You're Not Helping Your Case

Nobody wants to spend a lot of money for lawyer fees. But if you don't come prepared, you may spend more than you need to. Ideally, you should have all of the paperwork that your lawyer might need ready for them. This includes invoices, statements for your assets, and anything else that's relevant to your case. In short, you should help your lawyer help you by making it easy for them to find what they need.

You Don't Listen to Advice

Generally, lawyers are there to get you out of trouble. But sometimes people seek the advice of a lawyer and then act against the explicit advice they just heard. If you're not going to listen to your attorney's advice, then why are you paying for it? Besides, your lawyer will really struggle with representing you for something they explicitly asked you not to do.

You Didn't Pay Your Bill

Your attorney would love to help you, but they can't work for you for free. If you don't pay your monthly bill, then your lawyer is going to stop working for you. It's as simple as that. If you need help with making the payments, then you should have a discussion about money with your lawyer. They know that money is tight, especially during a divorce, but they just can't work for free.

You're the Parent

Divorce cases that involve children are infinitely more complicated than the ones that don't. But the hard truth that clients need to hear is that they chose to become parents. They even chose the partner they became parents with. And through good and bad times, you'll be parenting those children, whether you like it or not. You have to figure out a way to parent together with your ex. It will take time, and your lawyer can help you, but it's something you, as one of the parents, need to come to terms with.

Your Stephenville divorce lawyer is here to help you through the numerous struggles of your divorce. They'll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need. But you should always remember that you're paying them for their time. Not every dispute is worth contacting your lawyer over, and sometimes the best person to talk to is actually a therapist.