According to the National Survey of Family Growth, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce within 20 years. Determining that your marriage may be coming to an end sparks a challenging time for divorcing couples. With it comes the realization that you’ll need to hire an attorney, and though you may have had a lawyer assist you in a real estate contract or a business deal, your divorce attorney will be wading into your private and personal affairs. So before you begin a search for a Granbury attorney to assist you in your divorce, here are a few things you should know.

Signing Papers Your Advocate

Perhaps the most important factor in finding the right Texas divorce lawyer is knowing what you’ll be asking of him or her. You are seeking an advocate who will fight diligently for the best interests of you and your children. Your attorney will act as an objective negotiator on your behalf. That objectivity will be a critical component because most marital separations and divorces are highly personal and emotional.

Realistic Expectations

An experienced family lawyer will use his or her expertise to help you set realistic expectations about the likely outcome of your divorce. This is critical, because entering negotiations over things like the division of assets with a realistic idea of what to expect will ensure you are able to consider reasonable offers. Your realistic expectations will set the tone for a smooth process, which will save you time and money in the long run.

Your Wellbeing

Divorce is a delicate and emotionally draining life event. Having an attorney who will carefully walk you through the process, set realistic expectations and take your phone calls when and if you have a moment of doubt can ease your mind during the trying divorce process. You will be emotional, and an experienced divorce lawyer is in the perfect position to set your mind at ease. Your attorney likely will be your first resource, and he or she can connect you to other resources if the emotional stress of the situation becomes too challenging.

Lady Justice Information

One of the best things your divorce attorney can do for you is to keep you informed of how things are moving in the divorce process. It can be a slow and painstaking time, and the waiting and not knowing what will happen can be especially challenging. The best divorce attorneys keep their clients informed, even reporting that there’s no news when some time has passed. You should anticipate a step-by-step explanation of the process up front, and regular updates throughout from your attorney. Having regular contact with your attorney provides peace of mind.

Realizing your marriage is dissolving can be an incredibly stressful time in even the most amicable divorces. Hiring an attorney who will set realistic expectations for you, provide regular updates and information, care for your emotional well-being, and be a fierce advocate for you throughout the process will ensure that your divorce is as painless as possible. Whether you’ve recently been served divorce papers or are thinking about serving them yourself, call the experienced attorneys at GIG Law for a consultation today.

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