Legal concept

It's unfortunate, but not all Stephenville lawyers maintain the same ethical standards or demonstrate the rigorous professionalism that you likely expect and demand from an attorney. After all, law firms run the gamut from the most respectable and demanding to the morally questionable. It would be easier for clients if they could anticipate the same treatment, demeanor, and thoroughness from all legal professionals, but that simply isn't the case. Learn what to look for so you can identify a trustworthy law firm when you need it the most.


It shouldn't be difficult getting your attorney to speak with you. If it takes them a week or more for them to get back with you, you'll understandably feel like they're not giving you much concern. A trustworthy law firm will treat you with respect and courtesy and give you the attention that you deserve.


You're probably not a legal expert. Any law firm or lawyer worthy of your time should communicate what they expect from you and walk you through the legal process. Better communication begets greater preparedness, and you'll be more comfortable and confident if you know what's coming.


Experience isn't earned overnight. An established law firm, with attorneys that can boast decades of experience, is all but guaranteed to deliver you both professionalism and a more skilled legal staff. If they've been in business many years, you can rest assured that they've earned their reputation time and time again.


Not all attorneys have the same background or the same area of expertise. The law firm should have an extensive background in practice that you require. Never trust any law firm that pretends family law and criminal law are somehow interchangeable.

A Fair Share

No attorney or law firm should receive more from your settlement than you do. Their focus should be on seeking justice on your behalf, not on denying you the recovery that you were promised.

No Excessive Fees

You shouldn't be charged if you receive no recovery. Fees can stack up quickly. If they nickel-and-dime you, you should find a new law firm.

Not all Stephenville, TX, lawyers or law firms are created equally. Never put your trust in people who don't deserve it.

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