There should be more than just two parties participating in your divorce proceedings. While you and your ex-spouse will be at the center of the case, your Stephenville divorce attorney should be an active participant. You may think that you can handle the legalities of your divorce on your own. But, without the expertise of a family law attorney, you could make a costly mistake. Not only will your attorney act as a liaison between you and your ex, but they’ll help you through every step of the divorce process.

Preliminary Divorce Investigation 

Your divorce attorney should be contacted and hired well before you actually file for divorce. During your first meeting, you’ll discuss the details of your situation together. Your attorney will take notes and gather any necessary information regarding your case. Based on the facts given, they’ll present terms that are most likely to work in your favor. Your divorce options will also be thoroughly discussed with you at this point. Depending on the law and circumstances surrounding your situation, you may be eligible for a different type of divorce. With the help of your attorney, you’ll better understand the process that you’re facing.

Initiation of Divorce Proceedings

Once you’ve discussed all of your options and filled out the proper forms, your attorney will start the process of filing a divorce summons with the respective family court. These documents provide information on both parties involved in the divorce. It lists the person filing for divorce as well as the person whom the complaint is being filed against. Once the divorce summons has been filed, your ex will be served with a notice of the divorce. They’ll be given a certain amount of time to respond to the summons and either accept the terms presented or reject them.

Uncontested Divorce

If the terms of your divorce aren’t contested by your ex-spouse, this means that they agree to all of the terms set forth by your attorney. An uncontested divorce is the easiest type of divorce as it rarely involves nasty litigation or arguments. During this process, your attorney will handle the settlement discussion to ensure that the dissolution of your marriage is handled properly. Typically, this type of divorce isn’t prolonged and can be finalized relatively quickly.

Contested Divorce

If your ex doesn’t agree to the terms laid out by you and your attorney, litigation will ensue. This is known as a “contested divorce.” During this time, your attorney and the divorce attorney representing your ex will negotiate the terms of your divorce. The division of assets, division of debts, and child custody can all be discussed during this time. If an agreement isn’t reached, hearings and trials may be needed to settle the divorce. Your attorney will represent you in the courtroom and during closed-door litigations. No matter what’s decided, your attorney will fight to ensure that you’re treated fairly and that you get what you deserve.

Don’t attempt to handle your divorce on your own. A divorce attorney in Stephenville should be your first call when you’re contemplating divorce. With their help, the proceedings that you face won’t seem so daunting.