On its own, divorce is tedious, emotional, and completely draining. Without the help of an experienced attorney, it’s even worse. If you choose to handle a divorce on your own, you could miss details, misfile forms, prolong the process, and end up with less than you deserve. While an attorney can lighten the load, it’s important to choose the right divorce attorney in Stephenville. Here are a few things you should consider before hiring a family lawyer.

  • Work from referrals. If you know a friend or family member that has gone through a divorce recently, talk to them about their experience. They may recommend a certain attorney or advise that you stay away from specific firms. Either way, recommendations from those you trust most is a great way to find the right attorney to handle your case.
  • Credentials matter. Before hiring anyone, it’s important to ask to see all certificates and licenses held by your prospective attorney. Each attorney that you interview should be licensed with the state where they are practicing. This ensures that they’ve passed the bar exam and are competent to handle your case.
  • Not every lawyer is experienced in divorce and family law. Like doctors, attorneys choose a specialty. Some lawyers handle patents and corporate legal issues. You need to find an attorney that only practices family law. This means that they have dedicated their careers to custody issues, family mediation, and divorce. Family lawyers are familiar with the laws pertaining to your case in your state.
  • Check out your prospective attorney’s online presence. Before hiring a lawyer, take a look at their website. It should be professional in appearance and provide valuable information. It’s also a good idea to visit third party review sites to see if past clients have rated their previous experience with your prospective attorney.
  • Ask about certified mediators. Mediators are unbiased third parties trained to act as a negotiator and liaison between two people. It’s important that your family attorney has access to one of these individuals.
  • Not all attorneys are priced the same. Your divorce is going to cost you and it’s important to know how much. While pricing shouldn’t be the determining factor as to whether or not you hire an attorney, it’s still important to understand. Some firms offer a flat fee for divorce packages, while others charge an hourly rate. No matter how your chosen attorney bills you, understand their financial requirements up front.
  • Choose an attorney that compliments your personality. Your attorney is going to be handling personal information and will be working with you during an extremely vulnerable time. It’s important that you trust them. Get to know not only the attorney, but also members of their staff. You’ll also be working closely with their receptionist, associates, and paralegals. With a team that you know and trust, you have a better chance of reaching a settlement that you feel is fair.

While there are many Stephenville, TX, lawyers you can choose from, it’s important to do some research beforehand. With these tips, it’s easier to find a divorce attorney that you trust to help you during this difficult time.