Whether you’ve been involved in a car accident or your facing a child custody case, enlisting the help of an experienced attorney is a must. While searching for the best lawyer for your case, you may wonder why fees are so high. After all, there are over 1.3 million attorneys in the United States. With an excess of legal counsel available, their fees should be lower, right? While that may seem logical, there are a few important reasons that your family law attorney in Stephenville, TX, charges the fees that they do.

An Entire Team

When you enlist the help of an attorney, you aren’t just getting help from them. Instead, you’re retaining the help of an entire legal team. Paralegals, associates, investigators, and assistants are just a few of the faces that make up your representation. Each of these individuals is dedicated to providing you the best council possible. Because of this, you may pay a little bit more, but it’s worth every penny!


Most legal cases aren’t resolved overnight. In fact, some issues may take years to resolve. Whether your case takes a few months or a few years, your attorney is continually working towards a favorable outcome for you. Time equals money though, especially in the judicial system. The amount that you pay your legal team equips them to handle them to pay for numerous depositions, witness fees, travel charges, and any other expenses that they may encounter through the process.


With an attorney, you get what you pay for. The better an attorney is, the higher the fees may be. While this may seem silly, consider this; your attorney spent a large amount of money to attend a reputable school and earn a degree. After achieving a diploma, they studied hard for the BAR exam. Then, they most likely spent years as an associate, learning the ropes from more experience attorneys. They chose a specific area of law and have dedicated their entire career to helping those within its realm. The amount of information they’ve retained and the cases they’ve experienced make them indispensable to your case. Your attorney charges a high fee to ensure that you get nothing but the best representation around. They need the resources to hire, investigate, and strategize in such a way that you have a better chance of winning your case.


The next time you meet with your attorney, take a look around their office. It’s most likely clean and professional. Perhaps the appearance of your attorney and their practice is one of the reasons you felt confident hiring them. Attorneys understand that it’s important to put their best foot forward. For that reason, they rent out professional offices, wear suits, and employ the best personnel around. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t have hired an attorney who was wearing a t-shirt and working out of a trailer. Their overhead costs ensure that you get the entire package and not just superior representation.

Stephenville, TX, lawyers strive to keep their fees competitive. However, it’s important to be reasonable in your pricing expectations. Be willing to pay a higher fee, especially if it means you’ll be getting the best representation around.