Divorce Lawyer in Stephenville-Granbury, TX

A divorce can be the most difficult experience in life. The dissolution of a marriage can be an emotionally draining process. The division of assets must be discussed and alimony negotiated. If children are involved, you and your estranged spouse have to agree on child custody, visitation agreements, and child support payments.
You need a caring and compassionate divorce lawyer who will aggressively fight for the resolution that is in your best interest.

The team of lawyers and staff at Glasgow, Isham & Glasgow, P.C. have the experience, expertise and resources necessary to achieve the best results possible regarding your case. Our lawyers will represent your interests from the initial depositions, until the final dispensation of the divorce petition. Our divorce lawyers in Stephenville or Granbury will act diligently on your behalf to ensure that your financial situation and relationship with your children are taken into account during the divorce process. Give us a call at one of our locations: Stephenville (254) 965-5069 or Granbury (817) 578-8700

Our divorce attorneys in Stephenville or Granbury offers service to fit all needs including, highly contested divorce cases with:

  • contested custody issues
  • child support modification or enforcement of support
  • spousal support (alimony)
  • complex property divisions
In short, we play to win.

There are few lawyers in this area who can offer such a wide variety of options to their clients while still maintaining a philosophy of strong client service and attention to detail. Consider the GIG Law Firm if you are seeking a Stephenville divorce attorney or Granbury divorce lawyer.

Divorce Lawyer in Stephenville, TX

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