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Going through the divorce process is stressful. When you visit one of the best Stephenville, TX, lawyers about your divorce, know what you want in your divorce settlement. You want your divorce settlement to be as comprehensive as possible to avoid future conflicts.

Custody and Visitation

You know whether you want sole or split custody, but consider these details:

  • Who will have custody or visitation with the children on holidays and the children's birthdays?
  • Who will transport the children to extracurricular activities, like dance class or sports practices and games?
  • What vacation trips do you or your spouse want to take the children on? Do you have a problem with your spouse traveling out of the country with the children?
  • What happens if one parent is not available during a time when he or she has custody or visitation? Can the parent who is supposed to have custody make other arrangements, or does the other party retain custody during such period?
  • Which parent will be responsible for the religious upbringing of the children?

Support Issues

How much child support a parent pays is set by law, but have you considered other issues that can arise? Who pays premiums on the child's insurance, or who pays out-of-pocket dental or medical expenses? Will your children be attending private school? Who will pay the tuition costs? Who will pay the expenses if the children attend college? Who will get the income tax deductions for the children each year?

How much alimony do you expect to receive or to pay? Will the alimony be a long-term obligation or an amount enough to get a spouse more education or give the spouse time to get back into the job market?

Property Issues

The marital property is divided equitably, which may or may not mean equally. How does the division break down? Who gets the marital home? Will one spouse pay the mortgage? Will the house be sold?

You and your spouse may have accumulated substantial debt during the marriage. Who will pay the debts? How can you emerge from the divorce with your credit rating intact? Do you want to take less alimony and get more cash in the property division?

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